Sweet grace

I wanted to share a story from early, early in this pregnancy, before I even knew I had conceived.

Some weeks before, I had met a wonderful friend named Angela at my homeschool meeting.  Usually, I’m shy there and eager to get home, but one particular time, I brought Indy, a tricky situation.  We inevitably ended up outside in the hall where Indy met Abby, Angela’s then almost 2 daughter.  They were so cute taking turns saying, “Abby!”  It totally reminded me of Eva and Wall-E.

It turned out that Angela’s older daughter was enrolled in the same weekly P.E. class program we were, so Angela and I got to visit a little every week for the following eight weeks.

Well, at the second to last P.E. class, Angela had brought a copy of the publication Above Rubies to give to me, since someone had given it to her, but she already had the same issue from her own subscription.  If you are not familiar with Above Rubies, it is a usually quarterly, donation-based, ministry magazine, free to everyone.  Their sort of tagline, taken from their website is, “Encouraging women in their high calling as wives, mothers and homemakers.”

So, I brought the magazine home and later that evening read it cover to cover (just about).  Most of the families featured in the articles had at least 4 children, but the majority had many more.  It was interesting to hear the stories of these women’s journeys to coming to want, and pursue, having large families.  I was left feeling that to have more babies would be wonderful and simply, not that big of a deal (as I have become used to people being critical of families with more than 2 or 3 children).  Not only that, but also I felt supported in the great sacrifice I have personally made for my children.  All of that, on top of my, always present, underlying, extreme adoration of my own children, I felt sorta like having another baby.  Weird – I literally asked the Lord, “Did you have Angela give me this magazine as a way of preparing me to find out I’m pregnant?”  I wondered in the quiet moments all weekend long …

… And then a pregnancy test on Monday confirmed God’s sweet grace for this mama.

About Jennifer

Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am 38 years old and I have been married for 19 years. My husband Sid and I have five children, all born at home. I'm so glad you've decided to check out my website. In case you want a synopsis of why the heck I started this thing I'll just sum it up for ya here . . . My life was transformed by the births of my children. The days my babies were born were the best days of my life. I want to open up a dialogue about birth that helps us to view it truthfully. I think we will have no choice but to conclude that God blesses us and transforms us through our births no matter what they look like from the outside (hospital, home, c-section, epidural, natural). Now go on, poke around and be sure to check back with me as I will consistently be writing and adding inspirational articles.
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6 Responses to Sweet grace

  1. Katy says:

    I am so happy for you!! I told Eric over dinner last night that I felt bad for being quite jealous of your new little life! We certainly are not growing our family but my heart still longs for a large family( although our family of five is considered large by many haha)! I pray that God has more babies for us just not from us (; you are a lucky lady to be blessed with such love in your life!!!! Grow baby grow!! I can’t wait to hear what that babe is so I can knit up something glorious!!! Squeeee!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Katy! I know how you feel, not planning to have more after Indy, I always felt that twinge of sadness seeing pregnant women or even cute baby clothes! I prayed for a baby (or small child) to come into our lives, even if it wasn’t biologically ours, also! This was a major oops, but now I don’t exactly remember why that had been our final decision! Not really, I do remember, it’s just a moot point now! It was because Sid and I both feel so exhausted and stretched so thin that things that are important to us personally and individually are always the first to go in lieu of a diaper change, taking care of the dishes and laundry, groceries, whatever needs to be done now, etc. You know how it is! I’m sure it’s gonna get crazy a lot and hard, so hard, I just feel like to be bummed and stressed would be to ignore all the beauty in it, and I just can’t do that. I hope Sid and I are able to take care of ourselves well enough to make it all bearable for the kids! I do know we’ll do our best cause that’s how we roll, most of the time. Ha ha! Thanks again, Katy <3

  3. Christy says:

    I usually keep up w your blog but have been so busy w my kids.
    I just decided last week to homeschool my oldest son Jax and thought of you and your family. Shocked to find you are having a 5th! So thrilling!
    When you wrote about the feelings you had about having Indy I completely understand! I find myself feeling so selfish wanting a fourth. I flip flop and hate having these feelings of being uncertain. Since reading your blog it hit me I should just hand it over to The Lord. until then I will enjoy the ones I have and figure out this homeschooling :)

    Love your blog. Sometimes people make me feel small for just being a wife and mother. Like its not enough. I love being a wife & mother, giving myself to my family completely. Don’t know if I’ve said before but you should write a book :)
    Lots of women out there that need guidance, advice and inspiration from someone like you.

  4. Linda Martin says:

    Jennifer, rick and I are so ezcited for both you and sid praying for your delivery. Healthy Jennifer and Healthy Baby. God is so good We are excited and blessed with you. You will have three boys and two girl like your parents ❤

  5. Linda Martin says:

    Jennifer, rick and I are so ezcited for both you and sid praying for your delivery. Healthy Jennifer and Healthy Baby. God is so good We are excited and blessed with you. You will have three boys and two girl like your parents ❤

  6. Linda Martin says:

    Look forward to seeing pictures and reading more. You are a beautiful mommy

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