Caring for Your Baby

Taking care of a newborn baby may seem hard at first. It’s true that babies are quite helpless. They can’t use words to tell you what they need, and they can’t do very much for themselves. But if you think about what few simple things your baby really needs, it’s easier to figure out. Your […]

Feeding Your Baby

During the first several months, your baby will have breast milk, formula, or both. When your baby is around 6 months old, you will start solid foods (baby foods) but continue with breast milk or formula till at least one year. This chapter gives you helpful hints about when and how much to feed, breastfeeding, […]

Home with Your New Baby

After the birth, your body goes through some normal physical changes as you recover from pregnancy. You will also experience a lot of emotions as you begin this new phase in your life. This chapter describes what it’s like to be a new mother in the first few weeks and months after birth. These early […]

Challenging Labors and Cesarean Birth

You can’t know beforehand what your labor will be like. If it goes slower than expected, you may get very tired and discouraged. If it’s faster than expected, labor contractions may be hard to handle. This chapter describes different types of labors and births, including cesarean birth. It discusses self-help options you can use to […]

What about Pain during Labor?

You may be worried about labor pain—most expectant parents are! You may hope to do a natural birth without pain medications. We will talk about the skills you need to help you do that. You may plan on having an epidural for pain relief. We’ll give you the information you need when making that choice. […]

Having Your Baby- Labor and Birth

If you’re having your first baby, you probably have a lot of questions about what to expect during labor and birth. In this chapter, find out what is going on inside of you during labor and what words your caregivers will use to talk about that process. We’ll also discuss how you’ll feel, what your […]

Preparing for Birth

What should you do to get ready for labor and birth? This chapter suggests some things to do before your baby is born: • Learn more about childbirth and what choices you will have. • Make a plan about what you want during labor. • See the birthing rooms at your hospital or birth center. • Get ready for […]

Staying Healthy during Pregnancy

This chapter helps you learn how to be healthy, safe, and comfortable during pregnancy. What you do (and don’t do) also helps your baby to grow and develop well. You don’t have to do everything perfectly all the time, but the more healthy choices you make each day, the healthier you and your baby will […]

Health Care during Pregnancy

Early in pregnancy (or before you are pregnant), you will choose a health caregiver for pregnancy and birth, and choose where you want to have the baby. During pregnancy, plan on regular visits and recommended tests to check on the health of you and your baby. If any problems come up, early treatment will help […]